Why does the water smell?
  The home is on a well system, no city water. Well water in this area can have a strong mineral smell. Even though the water has a smell to it, it is safe. We have supplied the home with a large water cooler for drinking and making coffee.

Is there are boat ramp near by?
  Yes, the boat ramp is located about a half a mile from the homes. 

Is there a place to swim?
  Yes, you can swim in the river. 

Are there life jackets?
  Yes, we provide life jackets. They are located in the cabana by the river.

Where is the nearest store?
  Cody's Gas station and Family Dollar are 1 mile from the homes.

Where can we buy beer and groceries?

  You will need to drive to Weatherford (10 miles). The liquor store is located in Willow Park (14 miles).

  It's best to stop on the way down.

Can we bring our dogs?
  No large dogs are allowed. Please inquire before check in. Fees will apply.

Are there activites at the river houses?
  Yes, tetherball, washer and horseshoe pits, kayak, trampoline, and a ping pong table.

Are there snakes?
  Yes, and other critters and insects. You are in the country!

Do the TVs work?
  Yes, and the provider is DirecTV.

Is there a grill?
  Yes, the grill is charcoal. We do not provide charcoal.

Is there a firepit?
  Yes, but we do not supply firewood.

Does the hot tub work?
  Yes, all year round.

Is WIFI available?

  Yes, but it is satellite. It is the only service available in the area.

  The service is often slow and sometimes down.